Commentary: California should be a leader in telehealth services for low-income communities

The increased use of virtual care, or telehealth, has proven successful amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and its ongoing use offers long-term solutions as uncertainty remains over potentially multiple waves of COVID-19 and the timeline for a vaccine. It’s time to consider telehealth as a solution to improve medical and behavioral health access for low-income communities that have been hard hit by the pandemic.
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Here’s how to overcome California’s health care workforce crisis

America’s leaders in all fields are at a crossroads, facing immense challenges with no easy answers.

How can we address the looming climate change crisis?

How do we ensure solvency for Social Security, so our growing senior population can live with dignity?

How do we rebuild our crumbling transportation infrastructure, without breaking the bank?

For health care, which truly is a fundamental need for all of us, one of our great challenges is how to make sure we have enough trained and qualified women and men to care for patients to address the increasing demand for health care services…

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