Visit the Castellano Family Foundation

Carmela and her family, who together operate the Foundation with staff support from Program Director Angie Briones, have worked to make the organization a model of Latino philanthropy. They continue to focus on values and objectives that relate directly to supporting the local Latino community. “Giving back to the Latino community was something that I grew up to understand was important long before we had the foundation,” says Carmela, who credits her parents for the family’s spirit of generosity, empathy for the less fortunate, and volunteerism. Furthermore, her work with the foundation, she adds, “has given me a much greater understanding of the vital role non-profit organizations play in meeting the needs of underserved individuals in Santa Clara County.”

CFF Mission

The Castellano Family Foundation’s deep appreciation and love for the vitality and diversity of the Santa Clara County community inspires their work.  The Foundation supports organizations that are in or serve Santa Clara County. Guided by the values of community, family, social change, empathy, and integrity, the Foundation is dedicated to:

  • Promoting Latino arts and culture
  • Enabling Latino youth and youth of color to achieve their education goals.
  • Investing in the leadership of Latinos and nonprofit partners.