CPCA LogoThe mission of CPCA is to lead and position community clinics, health centers, and networks through advocacy, education and services as key players in the health care delivery system to improve the health status of their communities.

In 1994, the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) was formed and has become the statewide leader and recognized voice representing the interests of California community clinics and health centers and their patients. CPCA represents more than 1,100 not-for-profit Community Clinics and Health Centers (CCHCs) and Regional Clinic Associations who provide comprehensive, quality health care services, particularly for low-income, uninsured and underserved Californians, who might otherwise not have access to health care.

CPCA’s diverse membership includes community and free clinics, federally funded and federally designated clinics, rural and urban clinics, large and small clinic corporations and clinics dedicated to special needs and special populations. CPCA is designated by the Federal Bureau of Primary Health Care as the state primary care association and receives federal program support to develop and enhance services for member clinics.

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FoundationAlcario and Carmen Castellano are the Founders of the Castellano Family Foundation, established in December 2001. To date, the Foundation has awarded nearly $5 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in Santa Clara County.

The Castellano Family Foundation supports organizations that are in or serve Santa Clara County. Guided by the values of community, family, social change, empathy, and integrity, the Foundation supports organizations that:

  • 1. Promote Latino arts and culture
  • 2. Enable Latino youth and youth of color to achieve their education goals
  • 3. Invest in the leadership of Latinos and our nonprofit partners
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LCHC LogoLatino Coalition for a Healthy California (LCHC)—the only statewide organization with a specific emphasis on Latino health—was founded in 1992 by health care providers, consumers and advocates to impact Latino health by focusing on policy development, providing enhanced information, and community involvement.

LCHC accomplishes our mission by working to address inequities in quality of health care; building advocacy for high quality, culturally relevant, and linguistically appropriate health care and prevention services; informing the public to make choices that favor better health outcomes; and empowering communities to fully participate in health planning, implementation, evaluation, and advocacy. Three major functions provide essential focus to the organization’s work: public policy and advocacy; community education; and health equity research. These functions complement LCHC’s work in four key strategic areas: chronic disease prevention, safe & vibrant communities, health care access, and just immigration reform.

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 Revitalization of Del Paso Boulevard



A little over 12 years ago, Carmela and her husband Angel Garcia invested in Del Paso Boulevard by purchasing space and opening a small business in the heart of the Westlake community. They opened Iron Angel, a small business specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of custom wrought iron gates and ornamental art in 2003. In doing so, they became committed to the revitalization and beatification of the area which had become economically depressed over the years. During California’s recession, many of the small businesses closed or moved out of the area, turning the once vibrant hub into an arid region of the city.

Together, they worked to revamp their own space and those around them and partnered to open an art gallery next door. Initially, the gallery served as an event space for local fundraisers and festivals and displayed work from various local Latino artists. More recently the pair have collaborated with Gallery 2110 to bring fine art to Del Paso Boulevard. Gallery 2110 features working artists of many styles and genres, under the same roof. Most recently, Carmela and Angel were instrumental in bringing Son of a Bean Coffee and Art next door to the gallery.  Managed by longtime friend Michael Chaves, Son of a Bean and Art is family owned and operated. In addition to offering locally roasted coffee, it is also a place for local artists to hang out and display their work. Since it’s opening, Son of a Bean and Art has become a backbone of the community and a local watering hole for the neighborhood.  SOB was recently named the Best Accidental Art Gallery by the Sacramento News and Review.

Considering Del Paso Boulevard a second home, the Carmela and Angel have dedicated their time and energy to working with the City on the revitalization of this important region.

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Promoting Latino Art and Music


Carmela and Angel

Carmela is dedicated to developing and promoting Latino artists in both her professional and personal life. In addition their role in bringing the art gallery and Son of a Bean Coffee and Art to Del Paso Boulevard, the duo are also members of the band Q-VO. Angel formed the band in 2010 and Carmela joined him at his encouragement later that year. She is currently the band’s only female vocalist singing alongside her husband, Q-Vo’s lead vocalist. Q-Vo specializes in R&B, Chicano Soul, Funk, Oldies and Latin Classics and plays at celebrations, festivals, and fundraisers throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area.

Founding the band was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Angel and becoming a member has offered Carmela an outlet for her endless energy. They both enjoy being part of this musical family and giving back to the community through this artistic expression. Being a part of Q-VO offers them a work-life balance we all strive for. The band plays numerous events each year to a variety of audiences, from small festivals to the State Fair. The group has opened for Los Lobos, Malo and Brenton Wood.

Q-VO is a Chicano slang term that translates to “what’s up?” or “how’s it going?” This name was chosen to articulate the band’s casual, unique, and positive vibe. Q-VO also embodies the couple’s Latino heritage, promotes their ethnic background, and keeps them close to their roots through the music they play.

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